Our vision – empower anyone to be a content creator in the digital world

We’ve already spent a lot of time blogging about ad game campaigns, including how you can create one and why you should use them as part of your mobile marketing strategy. But ad games aren’t the only thing we care about at Gamewheel. Today, our co-founder and CEO, Evgeni, gives some background on Gamewheel’s vision and where we’re headed in the future.


Over the past few years, our team of serial entrepreneurs has tackled problems in a variety of different sectors. Whether we were building an educational DIY platform for parents or an augmented reality mobile game for kids, there was one common thread – our focus on creating technology that empowers people in the digital worldfostering humanity and creativity.

As time went on, we realized that our ability to empower people was limited by the amount of content we could produce. So instead of continuing to make our own new content, we decided to take our expertise in tech, design and gaming and package it into a tool that allows other people to create content. Our long-term goal is to become the go-to platform for creating adaptive, interactive content. Our vision is to empower anyone to be a content creator in the digital world.

The first version of our product is aimed at the digital marketing industry, where the lack of a good solution for creating highly optimized, interactive content at scale is a real pain point for advertisers. We’re solving this problem with a SaaS tool that makes it fast and simple to create ad game campaigns that are tailored to the needs of individuals brands and marketing goals.

To put it in less technical terms, we want to make advertising better for everyone involved. When advertisers can provide consumers with fun, relevant content, the consumer is more likely to become a customer, the advertiser gets more bang for their buck and the publisher makes more money off their traffic. Or to use a wonkier analogy, what real-time-bidding (RTB) did for ad serving, we’re going to do for ad creative.

But we’re not just focused on marketing. In the future, we’re going to build tools that make it super simple for people in different industries to create and deliver interactive content tailored to their individual goals. We know this is a big vision, but that’s the only way we know how to do things – by going big.

To achieve our vision, we put together an experienced team with a proven ability to execute. We also have a great beta product, a growing user base and a team of investors who believe in our team and vision. We’ll introduce the Gamewheel team in this space soon and continue to share updates on our company as we continue our journey of building a successful tech company based in Berlin.

Evgeni Kouris, Founder & CEO

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