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Are You On The List?

This easter comes with an extra surprise for the all gamification lovers out there!
We are opening a waiting list for our upcoming highly anticipated Gamewheel 2.0. Few lucky people from the marketing and tech area got their invitations already but we have few more “seats”!

And you can reach to these seats by just collecting 5 eggs in this Easter-themed game:

Easter game
Our easy to play Gamewheel easter egg game also gives a glimpse of what we are bringing up in our sleeve with Gamewheel 2.0 because you can play this easter game basically inside the mobile banner too. Try here:
easter game
To give more of a clue, here are some tips from the upcoming Gamewheel 2.0:

  • Improved learnification process through the unique game data
  • Ability to service any gamified story from Enterprise Gamification to Performance Marketing,
  • Converting any content from Simple 2D Banners to Full-Screen 2D Games to VR/AR Immersive Content
  • Ability to launch a campaign on any channel from Messenger to Social Media to MRAID interstitial banner.

We can not wait to show what more will be coming under the hood in Gamewheel 2.0! If you want to put your hands on Gamewheel 2.0 before everyone else:


Google Loves Gamewheel!


We are proud to announce that Gamewheel – Burger King partnership has been selected as one of the outstanding “Mobile Moment” case studies by Think with Google!

2016 was quite a successful year both for Burger King and Gamewheel and as the result of this success, we launched 4 gamification campaigns throughout the year.

BK Games

Angriest Whopper, Verlängerung, Summer BBQ and Halloween campaigns individually hit their mission goals, fulfilled and even outperformed the market KPIs!


If you would like to know more, click below to visit Think with Google’s Mobile Moments (only available in German yet) and don’t forget to check out our Gamification Stories!

Google button

A Mixed-Reality Game Experience for Burger King: Halloween Game!


Trick or Treat?

Our latest  campaign of Burger King for Halloween 2016 is just released! Believe us it is scary, spicy and yummy! To play the game is simple, but the whole experience is unique. You can find the game within Burger King app and start playing it by downloading the Burger King app here.

The challenge: Burger King released three special Halloween Whopper editions. We had to create a gamified story-lined mobile campaign to engage with target audience, increase sales and generate leads. In addition, the campaign had to be linked with social media influencers that would offer some hints for the game.  Special discount coupons and a mind blowing secret event had also to be part of the creative gamified content. Tough brief, but one of a kind “mixed-reality game experience” by Gamewheel SaaS tool and gamification platform!

Well, if you really want to know the way, keep reading, as we are definitely going to make you say…Whoohh!


The game: Burger King Halloween game is a classic skill, in-app game and is based on three easy steps that the player should follow: Scan –Play- Win. Three different game scenarios with different challenges and mechanics are applied on the game.  The player controls a mummy who must collect as many coins as possible and finally reach the exit to the next Burger King restaurant. Each of the 3 levels are set in different environments: “Underworld”, “Red Forest of Horror” and “Black Haunted House”.


Scan: Every Whopper comes with a unique QR code that the player can scan in Burger King app to start the “Halloween Let’s Play” game.


Play: The levels must be played in sequence, starting with the Entry Level and then moving onto the Red and Black.

Win: Players of all levels win discount coupons for Burger King products. In addition, after the completion of Burger King’s special form they can win 1 out of 50 double tickets for a secret event that takes place on October 29th.  The concept of the event will combine elements of the game in 4D and will be a lifetime experience for the 50  people that are lucky enough to receive a double invitation.


Bonus Ember- codes: In order to trigger more excitement about the Halloween in-app game, 1000 magic ember-codes have been created that when scanned, will immediately unlock all levels of the game. These ember-codes will be distributed via key persons hidden in secret locations in Berlin, München, Köln, Hamburg, Leipzig, Wiesbaden and Hannover. So keep your eyes open and spot these hidden treasures that can be scanned and used up to 100 times!

So, are you ready to #GamifyYourself in this Halloween Burger King Game?

Lessons from dmexco 2016 – by Gamewheel CCO, Olcayto Cengiz

What I Learned in dmexco 2016


This year I was at dmexco (Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference) 2016 as an exhibitor first time in my life with Gamewheel. It was quite an experience to be there as an exhibitor but not as a visitor. But I didn’t just sit and wait, instead spent my time with collecting some knowledge and here are my learnings from dmexco.

Exhibitor vs. Visitor

First things first. Being an exhibitor is far more exhausting. Spending the 2 days in a row from early morning till the late night is something that requires energy.Being a visitor can be fun and more comfortable but being an exhibitor gives you the chance to discover all the halls and booths without crowd.It is hard to make new friendships if you are a visitor. But if you are an exhibitor, you are having so many “BFF”s for 2 days 🙂

Pure Business

This years motto was “Pure Business”. And at the end of 2 days, I want to shake hands of the fella who came up with this phrase because it was totally bullseye. dmexco was full of business.

It was all about experience. VR and AR were the sexy topics but the real issue were PaaS and SaaS providers.

Seems that ad blocking and the need to find a way around this resulted as the birth of so many startups with the claim of “finding a new and unique innovative way” solutions which were, to be honest, almost identical.

Cloud was another big player. So many cloud companies came up with offerings like a dozen different types of packages.

Where the Frak are Creative Agencies?!

It was a big shock for me to see -or maybe I should say not to see- none of the digital creative agencies in dmexco. Or worse, none of any advertising agencies. There was a lounge for ad agencies, called as “Agency Lounge”, that was it. HAVAS was the overweighting company in the lounge, but that was it.

Lounge for Agencies.

Dentsu was there and they acted more likely as the media agency but their message was to the point.

Sum of dmexco, sum of future

Only Digitas LBi was holding the doors as a “Marketing Agency” with creativity and media assets.

Meanwhile there were like DOZENS of media agencies, and the “Big Guys” were there, embracing the digital era.

More surprisingly, the “usual suspects” were there, as expected, but they were acting as a “media platform” instead of a search engine or social networking platform. Yes, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing, ViceSpotify, Tumblr etc. Everyone was there. And they were positioning themselves like “media agencies” not any type of social platform. Even Adobe! They were there to show that they are the best friend of media agencies.

“Usual Suspects”

Big bosses were there; WPP, Publicis. But their creative and advertising branches were nowhere around. Imagine a conference where one of the opening talk is “Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP in a conversation with Jack Dorsey of Twitter” and none of the WPP agencies -despite media agencies- were there.

There was only 1 other gamifying ad company at the whole dmexco and it was not even a platform like us. Our approach with Gamewheel Creatorhad a magnetic effect on the visitors because there were no really creativity. I mean, of course there were creativity all around but not in a visual way. Mostly solution based. When we put on something which combines solution AND creativity, it was a blast. That gave me more hope about our future, we really may lead the way.


So the results,

Yes this is me and this is my “The Results” shot.

What I learned from this view is, if it will go like this, future is going to be written by media agencies, service providers and solution partners. This may sound boring and yes I know it is very nice to say that creativity is sexy, but to be honest business is grey suit, not the red night dress.

Every company trying to reserve a place in the future must reposition themselves and embrace the new way we are leading.

Mad Men era was good, but now we are entering the Mad Code era.

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Gamewheel at gamescom congress

“The reality is too mainstream. Get augmented!” – Gamewheel’s CEO Evgeni Kouris at gamescom Congress in Cologne.

Gamescom Congress is Germany’s biggest convention on digital games. The congress acts as a bridge between other cultural and creative branches with digital economy. Representatives of the economy, science, society, politics, culture and of course the games industry will devote themselves to a number of the most varied questions in five focus areas: Knowledge –Business- APITS- Legal- Life.

Under the scope of APITS, a huge conversation will be focusing on the “Computer Games as a multifunctional tool” so Gamewheel could not miss the opportunity to present its online gaming platform that serves as a SaaS tool with multifaceted implications. Gamescom congress offers the possibility to the attendee’s like Gamewheel to share various benefits to the participants in an exciting exchange of current questions surrounding the games and digital industries concerning society as a whole.

Gamewheel CEO, Evgeni Kouris, knows well that the dynamics of the gaming industry have changed significantly over the past few years due to the arrival of new technologies . In addition to that the era of social and mobile advertising offered great opportunities to the world of marketing. Gaming is now considered as a very powerful tool as it offers impressive brand engagement with its audience and this is something that marketers can no longer ignore. The analytics send a clear message: time spent in playing games is growing fast at an unprecedented rate.

Gamewheel is going to take part in the conversation focusing mainly on Augmented Reality. In August 18, at 14.45 time in APITS area (3) the main topic of Gamewheel’s presentation would be “The Future is Augmented”. Through company’s experienced eyes participants will listen to the latest technologies applied in the gaming industry in relation to Augmented Reality and discover the numerous possibilities of successful implications of this trend in the advertising industry. The main focus of this congress section is the multifunction of computer games as a useful tool to the market today.

Since the impressive entrance into the market of Augmented Reality (AR) applications and especially after the amazing effect that Pokemon Go AR game had globally, there are a lot of important things to discuss and many opportunities in the gaming industry that arise. Our CEO Evgenis Kouris has already gained a considerable experience in AR games since Toywheel, a brother company of Gamewheel which had long before launched the “Toy Car”, an AR game for kids.

Based on recent research studies, the future is going to be really interesting for the mobile and AR/VR (augmented and virtual reality) advertising market. There is a clear estimation that by 2020 the impressive 10% of the total advertising budget spent will be deposited to the AR/VR advertising sector. Predictions show a clear possibility of 12bn dollars driven to creative AR/VR advertising products, so there is no doubt that game ad platforms and AR/VR platforms are the next big thing in the market.

The gamescom congress is a great opportunity for influencers and decision makers to discuss, promote and stimulate the necessary exchange of ideas and controversial discussions in both local and international contexts.

Gamewheel is happy to welcome you there and invites you to join the conversation about “The Augmented Future” in the gaming industry.


Everything We Learned at re:publica TEN

The talk of town this week was re:publica TEN, but what has truly been making news headlines is the annual conference’s first ever Virtual Reality exhibition which highlighted some of Germany’s and Europe’s leading VR/AR labs, companies, agencies and schools and paved the way for the Performersion exhibition (scroll down for more details).  



Headsets, Headsets Everywhere


People flocked to the separate exhibition ground to get their hands-on VR experience. Many were fascinated by the latest VR news coming out of Samsung and Facebook’s and felt the need to experience “what the hype was all about!” They were not disappointed.

Stands ranged from immersive art experiences, to VR cinema, as well as horror survival games, Augmented Reality concepts and mobile apps.

Toywheel’s stand boasted both a server based virtual reality Pong game (which you can still play if you have a VR headset lying around) and our classic Augmented reality App Toy Car RC. The positive and supportive feedback once again confirmed that we are certainly on the right path when it comes to our VR/AR strategy and future predictions.


As it was our first time at the conference, we weren’t sure what to expect, but our CEO and veteran re:publica TEN attendee ushered us into the conference’s expertly constructed  world of tech, media and politics. With over 850 speakers and 500 hours of programing centering on topics ranging from nudity, fashion, gaming, Virtual Reality, health, education and internet freedom. We were definitely able to find our people among the crowds.  


So Here’s What We Learned:

re:publica TEN is not just about meeting new people and experiencing new things. It’s about hearing different opinions and openingly engaging with hard-hitting political and societal issues. No topic was left untouched, be it the: refugee crisis, hate speech, social media and nudity, the code of conduct for immersive arts and tech in fashion.

VR/AR are here to stay! The public’s response and demand for VR content is a clear indication of the tech tides. VR is a hot commodity that outlives its hype. It is a clear path to new and immersive experiences that will lead the evolution in media consumption and human interaction.


The best part? The plethora of talks and panels are openly available to watch and listen to online via the the conference’s Youtube channel and podcasts. So, it truly is an experience not to be missed.



re:publica TEN wrapped up on Wednesday but our fun was not over yet. We stuck around to participate in the first ever exhibition of it’s kind: Performersion, where art and tech meet to collaborate. The two-day event, which was open and free to the public, led to some incredible insights and some amazing new ideas. We found ourselves amongst our peers as well as VR/AR enthusiasts and evangelists and some kids who are really, really, good at handling technology.


All in all, it was a week well spent. Our creativity batteries have definitely been recharged and we can’t wait to dive right back into the studio to cook up some crazy new ideas inspired by both events.

A big THANK YOU, to those of you who stopped by and said “Hi,” It was truly a pleasure to meet so many of you. Let’s stay in touch.


Have you missed us at re:publica TEN? No worries, we plan to present our newest AR/VR games and concepts at the upcoming and amazing Tech Open Air (TOA) conference 13–15 July in Berlin. So hope to see you soon (again)!

Gamewheel Launches New Features

We’re constantly trying to improve our product and services here at Gamewheel. Today, we’re pleased to announce five new and exciting features in the area of content editing and campaign setup which lots of users have requested in our last questionnaire. These features will make using Gamewheel an even smoother and more customizable experience.

1. Image Editor

Some of the new features include an Image Editor that would allow you to use your own custom action buttons– creating a more brand-focused gamified ad.

The Image Editor has new features like “turn key color on and off”. It also allows you to create a completely new graphical assets with multiple layers, custom text and other comfortable features. Just experiment with the buttons in the menu of the editor to understand it’s new power.


2. Lead Form

Collecting user data at the end of a game is a more interactive way of generating new leads. We’ve seen some remarkable lead generation results when coupled with our gamified ad platform. To make data collection a seamless element of the gaming experience, we’ve added a “Lead Form” option. This will allow you to add a sign up form at the end of a game. This simple option can increase lead generation by up to 200%.


3. Buttons

You can now increase the engagement and virality of your campaign with the switch of a button. Our Play, Facebook Share and Reply buttons can be easily switched on or off to  better suit your campaign design and needs. Now, also all buttons assets can be simply changed through the new image editor from within the Gamewheel wizard, meaning that you now have a full flexibility to change all assets of the game tempalte in a few clicks.


4. Facebook Tracking ID

We’ve now included the Facebook Tracking ID option, which allows you to capture the analytics and general performance of your game from Facebook. This option provides an overview of your Gamewheel campaign results within the Facebook ad dashboard, which means that you can follow all of your ads developments in one place.


5. URL Masking

Finally, with URL Masking, you can customize the URL of your game, to once again reflect your brand or any intended product affiliations. This feature is geared at capturing audiences that might be deterred from clicking on third-party links (even if those links are generated by the undeniably awesome Gamewheel) and for you to prominently display your brand via URL.


We’ve also created some informative and in-depth tutorials on embedding games and creating Facebook campaigns to help assist you on your path to increasing ad performance via gamification.

Gamehweel just keeps getting better and even easier to use. Please leave any feedback or suggestions you have about Gamewheel features from here. We love hearing about ways we can improve our product.

We still have over 40 other improvements for more comfortable game creation up our sleeves and we’re working on many new amazing game templates for you! So Stay tuned! Never miss out again on any of our latest news follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.

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