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  • 1. What is Gamewheel?

    Gamewheel is the leading Playable ads platform that makes it fast and simple for brands to use games in their mobile marketing. We offer a full-service offering, accompanied by the best SaaS management platform.

  • 2. Why should I use games in my mobile marketing?

    Games are a great way to make your marketing campaigns more engaging. We have published dozens of Playable ads success stories and blog articles to provide explanations by examples why and how this format works. Get in touch with us if you have any questions at any time.

  • 3. How should I use games in my mobile marketing?

    After you finish creating a game with our platform, you’ll get a link to a webpage where the game runs or an MRAID compatible ad tag. Just paste this link into one of your marketing channels (e.g. newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or add the ad tag to your programmatic campaign and you’re ready to go. The game will load inside of a banner or after the user clicked on the game link. Once they finish playing, they’ll be directed to a landing page of your choice (e.g. app download, email capture form).

  • 4. What sorts of games does Gamewheel offer?

    We’re constantly adding new games to our library, but all of them share a few key features – classic gameplay, short playtimes, prominent branding, clear CTAs and built-in sharing and analytics. This makes them ideal for use in mobile marketing campaigns. You can browse our game library for free when you sign up for an account.

  • 5. How do I choose a game for my campaign?

    There’s a lot of great research out there showing that certain game genres appeal to certain types of players. For example, older women tend to like match 3 (e.g. Candy Crush) games, while younger males tend to like shooting games. We recommend you get started by thinking about the audience you’re trying to reach with your game, then having a look at this post from Flurry to get a sense of what types of games would appeal to them. If you’re ever having trouble getting inspired, you can always contact us.

  • 6. Can I design my own game using Gamewheel?

    We offer a full-service to make sure that we find the best successful game mechanics and Playable ad design for your campaign context and goals. After we have set up a campaign, you can continue editing the campaigns and Playable ads (e.g. split-test by duplicating the Playable ad instances) through our unique SaaS platform.

    From a time and risk perspective, we think this makes sense for most brands to start with very simple standard game mechanics and work from there. For every successful game out there, there are dozens of failures. If you try designing your own game from scratch, you could easily end up with something that no one wants to play.

  • 7. What level of editing can I do with Gamewheel?

    The default versions of our games are tested and ready to run, with no coding required. If you’re happy with one of the default versions, you can use it in a campaign as is.

    If you want to change a game’s graphics, you can use our platform to upload your own. You can also change the color scheme of the default graphics to fit your brand.

    Besides graphics, you can edit the messages that players see before, during and after the game. You can also set the landing page that users will be directed to after they finish playing.

  • 8. How do I publish my game?

    Once you’re done editing your game, you’ll get a link and an embed code for the finished product. You can add the game to any of your marketing channels by pasting in the link or embed code – put it on your brand’s homepage, use it in a marketing campaign or add it to an email newsletter. When users click on the link, they’ll land on the game.

  • 9. Can I use my game in a social media campaign?

    Yes, the games work particularly well with Facebook mobile campaigns. Just go to the Facebook Ad Creator, select “send people to your website” as your campaign objective and use the link to your game as the “url to promote”. Then set your targeting, messages and creative the same as you would with any other campaign.

    When choosing the image for your campaign, it’s a good idea to use something that clearly tells viewers you’re promoting a game (e.g. by including the word “play” on the image). This helps make them more likely to click.

    All Gamewheel games include a preview image by default, which will automatically show up in the Facebook Ad Creator after you paste in your game link. You can override this image using our platform or the Facebook Ad Creator.

  • 10. Do I need to host the game myself?

    No, we host the game on our servers. Your Gamewheel account includes a certain number of monthly game starts. Each time a player launches your game, it uses up one start. If you’re close to using up all of your starts for the month, just contact us about adding more.

  • 11. Do I need to create different versions of my game for different platforms?

    The games are browser-based and capable of running in any environment (online, mobile), on any platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and on any device. You can use a single version of the game to run campaigns across multiple platforms.

  • 12. Does Gamewheel provide game analytics?

    Yes, we have an analytics dashboard in our platform. Once you launch a campaign, you can use the dashboard to monitor the number of times your game has been started each day, as well as engagement and conversion metrics.

  • 13. How much does Gamewheel cost?

    After you sign up for a Freemium account, you can browse our library of games, create customized games, use the games in marketing campaigns and monitor the games’ performance. Each Freemium account includes 1,000 free game clicks. If you exceed this level of traffic, you can either buy game start packages (game plays) as you go or contact us for the Enterprise account to get custom service for your high scale campaigns. Just contact us at any time if you need custom offer or have any questions about pricing or billing.

  • 14. Does using Gamewheel need technical or coding knowledge?

    Absolutely not, Gamewheel has been built to empower creatives and needs no programming or technical skills. We have done all the backend coding, so all you simply need to do is select a game template and rebrand it in your style.

  • 15. Do I need a professional designer to rebrand a Gamewheel game?

    Not necessarily, if you simply want to rebrand the games with your logo, colours and any marketing assets you have. However, if you want to completely change the style of certain games beyond the set parameters of the template, you may need someone good with Photoshop or you can ask us to provide you creative support.

  • 16. How to use a promo code?

    In order to apply a promo code, please login to the app. Click on your "profile" icon in the right top corner, click on the tab "billing", click on the edit "pen" icon and then type in the provided promo code in the field "Promo Code" and click "Apply". Green confirmation message should pop up if the code has been accepted. If a red message appears, please verify the correctness of the code and try again. Contact us in case you need any further help.



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