Coffee. A morning without it? Unthinkable! The same goes for the afternoon (and sometimes for the evening and for the night, too). Millions people can not spend a day without coffee. But this is also an environmental issue: In Germany alone, 320.000 coffee to go cups end up as waste – per hour!


That’s why one of Germany’s leading bakery brands, Kamps, introduced its returnable monkey beaker. These specially branded mugs can be bought from any Kamps location and customers save 10 Cent per coffee or any other hot beverage when they bring them along. What’s more, customers can even bring along their own cups.

Kamps’ online agency elaika created an awareness campaign for the returnable monkey beaker, aiming at young and mid-age people. At this point, elaika brought us into play. Gamewheel created a playable ad campaign, with free monkey beakers and gourmet vouchers as give-aways.

We were proud to take a role in this environmental campaign and created a simple tap tiles style game with Kamps’ visuals and launched it within 24 hours!




At the end of the month, the Kamps Mehrweg-Becher campaign had more than 1,400 games sessions with 81% completion ratio. Game succeeded  35% CTR  and 665 CTA ended up 518 leads. This was a nice and effective campaign just like the smell of the coffee!

You want some?


1,466 Game Sessions


35% CTR

5 result

518 Leads 


Ad channel Website iFrame & Facebook
Ad format Facebook Ad & Website Banner
Goal Awareness
Targeting Young & Mid-age People
Game type Tap tiles
Results  1466 Game Sessions
35% CTR
518 Leads
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