So many books, so little time!

Even less time if you want to do something on mobile and social media. But at the moment when Crazy Legs knocked our door and asked us if we can come up with an innovative gamification approach for their client Hugendubel, we knew that something big is coming!

So we collaborated with Crazy Legs and came up with a solution and not with 1 but with 3 games! The concept of the campaign was developed in partnership by both parties and the campaign was designed and managed by Crazy Legs end-to-end.

3 games for the real Bookbusters!


Bookbuster campaign gave users a chance to win 50 book from Hugendubel by playing these 3 games on any connected internet device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop).

And here was the catch: Games were all connected to each other acting like different levels. Even more, users had to go to one of the Hugendubel branches to finish the 3rd game! The mechanics of the 3 games were carefully adapted to the customer requirements.

First game was a memory game where you can try out if you are fast enough to match the books. (You can click on image below to test your memory)

Second game was a scratch card type quiz game where you had to find the right answer at the right time!
(Click on image if you would like to test your knowledge)
And last but not least, we have the ultimate word match game where you have to find the words which are hidden in the books! You can click below o try your chance but also you probably need the closest Hugendubel store address.

The campaign is backed up by Facebook ads,


which some of them even had customized geo-content:


Also campaign published on Hugendubel communication channels like banners on web site and flyers.

flyers web site

Thanks to Crazy Legs, influencers also made valuable shares on their feeds:


The campaign ran for 1 month and Hugendubel – Crazy Legs – Gamewheel collaboration came up with some sensational results!



110,277 Overall Game Sessions


40,452 Pressed CTA

5 result

25% CTR to Lead 


Ad channel Website iFrame & Facebook
Ad format Facebook Ad & Website Banner
Goal Awareness & Lead
Targeting Young & Mid-age People (16-39)
Game type Memory /Quiz / Word match
Results  110,277 Game Sessions
40,452 Pressed CTA
25% Conversion to Lead
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