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Who doesn’t love eating a nice juicy, meaty burger? And who’s sick and tired of watching video ads of people doing just that while you’re stuck on the subway? Or worst yet, a static image of a mouth-watering burger that’s constantly being displayed on the side of your screen, with you helpless against its static deliciousness? If you’re anything like us then you’ve probably channeled some of that (h)anger into video games. This is why we were very excited when setup München, a creative agency in Germany, contacted us to talk food, games and Burger King.  

Campaign Context

For the latest product promotion „The Angriest Whopper“ Burger King and their advertising agency setup München were looking for a new way to engage with their audience and get some additional traffic to their restaurants. The solution was a fast and casual game built on our innovative Game Ad Platform and integrated into Burger King’s existing mobile app. The principle of the game is simple yet addictive: the player is challenged to collect 20 Jalapeños in under 20 seconds in order to unlock an exclusive discount coupon redeemable at the Burger King restaurants.
burger king angriest whopper game

With a burger so intensely loaded with fiery jalapenos, the only logical game was one that reflected the heat that went into making it. This is why our game development wizards worked closely with setup München to create a game that would thrive within the Burger King app without any additional advertising efforts. The lightweight champion, which boasts a 0.6 second loading speed and less than 550KB page size performed so well in its testing stage that both of Burger King’s Austria and Switzerland branches decided to implement the game as well.

The clue is: as soon as you a have a creative idea, such game can be create on the Gamewheel platform in less than 5 minutes. Here is a video that proves this:

#AngriestWhopper soft-launched on April 1st, on the start screen of the Burger King mobile app (DE, AT, CH) and has since  outperformed all expectations (again and again).  Officially, retired on May 24th 2016, the game will go into our “Hall of Fame” for having reached over 330,000 organic game plays in the first two weeks alone! As a true champion of Gamewheel’s philosophy, #AngriestWhopper beautifully demonstrates how companies with a large user base can (and should) create new and engaging (or as we like to call it: sticky) ad content. Best part? maximum audience engagement was achieved with a media budget of exactly 0 Euros! 

Results after just 14 days of the campaign were stunning:


336,700  Games Played

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7,866,146  Jalapeños Collected


40,25% Average CTR

5 result

135,883  Coupons Won

Game ads in this instance provide a novel way for end-users to interact with an industry giant both online and offline. Playfully bridging both world,  the elegantly simple game not only boosted online app engagement and traffic but it also directly correlated to increased store sales.

After less than 2 months on air, the stats look amazing. With over 1 million game sessions and more than 2.5 million game plays, you’ve definitely earned your rest, #AngriestWhopper. Enjoy your retirement and the 20 million collected jalapenos, which are more than enough to fill an olympic size pool. Now, who wouldn’t want to bathe in that kind of fiery success?

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Ad channel Mobile App Platform
Ad format In-App Mobile Game Ad (organic traffic)
Goal Give Away – Discount Coupon, Brand Awareness – New Product
Targeting Burger King App Users
Game type Classic Retro Game – Collector
Results after 14 days  336,700 Played Game
7,866,146 Collected Jalapeños
40.25% Avg. CTR
135,883 Won Coupons
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