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Burger King

Burger King, used Gamewheel’s platform to create the #AngriestWhopper game.


Paramount, used Gamehweel’s self service SaaS platform for promoting DVD/ BLu-Ray of Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.


Gamewheel created a stacking game for Oracle. The company used the game to promote an event about its cloud services., created an online game for Facebook and website visitors that gave them the opportunity to score from the penalty zone.

Cuuura & Kik Chatbot

Cuuura, created a scratch card game on Gamewheel platform for their CPI campaign in Kik Chatbot platform.

Burger King Verlängerung Game

Gamewheel, created a bounce game for Burger King Deutschland, that the brand incorporated into its mobile app.

Bradford City F.C.

Gamewheel created a quiz game for Bradford. The company used the game to raise money for their football club.


Stagelink a platform that allows musicians to collect votes from their fans on where to schedule their concerts.

Oldham A.F.C.

Gamewheel created a quiz game for Oldham A.F.C.. The company used the game to raise money for their football club.

Urban Sports Club

Gamewheel created a rock climbing themed game for Urban Sports Club. The company, used the game in a lead generation campaign.

Holi Festival

Holi Festival, used Gamewheel platform for increasing the efficiency of their pre-sales and after-sales efforts.

Food Assembly

Food Assembly, an online platform that allows people to buy food directly from local farmers, created a scratch card game to publicize the opening of a new market (“assembly”).

Deutsche Bahn

DB ICE Race game is a “collector” game, a classic skill game from our game platform that requires fast reaction from the player in order to collect with his train as many pieces of the randomly appearing items on the screen as possible.

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For us it was ideal, because we could work with it as is. As creatives, it’s great because we don’t need to understand how it works. It just does. All we have to do is set the coupon and then everything is up and running.

Setup MuenchenThe communication agency of Burger King

For brands who want to engage their target audiences, it’s absolutely necessary to create interactive, valuable content. Compared to other forms of content, games are an underutilized but highly effective medium. We see games as a great way to approach issues like lead generation.

Tim GrasmannCEO Concept & Creation at Grasundsterne

Gamewheel’s concept of combining e-commerce marketing with an interactive format like mini-games is truly genius. This is exactly what every major brand needs right now to effectively reach their customers on mobile and social channels.

Ludwig GörtzFounder & Shareholder Görtz