Gamification Stories

We believe that our work can do the talk instead of us. Here are our gamified success stories and friends who keep on playin’

Burger King Angriest Whopper

Burger King Angriest Whopper Game, was the first game of Burger King’s 2016 Gamified year! We created the #AngriestWhopper and the rest is history.

Burger King Verlängerung Game

Burger King Verlängerung Game, launched after the huge success of first Burger King game Angriest Whopper and showed to the world how a brand can get into a hype in the most clever way!

Burger King Summer BBQ

Burger King BBQ Game changed the understanding what a mobile game can do. Traffic to job applications? Check! Research on clients? Check!

Burger King Halloween

Burger King Halloween Game was the first “Mixed Reality” campaign with multiple levels game, QR integration and real life experience!

Paramount Zombie Apocalypse

Paramount Game, released to promote DVD/ Blu-Ray of the movie. How come being a zombie scout can be a boring job with these results!


Oracle Cloud Stacker Game has bring more than just an “awareness” to Oracle Cloud. Like, 85% CTR?

Deutsche Bahn

DB ICE Race game changed the way young people look at the company. Want to know how?


Kamps game is created as a skill game that requires fast tapping to collect and rescue as much monkey as possible. Results? Well… Balla Balla game, created as a penalty shooting game but the goals it achieved was more than the shots done!

Cuuura & Kik Chatbot

Cuuura and kik, created an one of a kind scratch card game for their CPI campaign in Kik Chatbot messenger platform.

Body Temple

Body Temple Valentine’s Game connected 2 phones, 2 realities and at the end 2 hearts! No heart left behind!

Holi Festival

Holi Festival Colour Me Game, serviced more than bringing colour to mobile but increasing the efficiency of festival’s pre-sales and after-sales.

Bradford City F.C.

Bradford City F.C. created a quiz game for to raise money for their football club. Did they manage to have it? You have to click above to find out!

Urban Sports Club

Urban Sports Club created a rock climbing game for a lead generation campaign. And trust us, leads climbed quicker than players!

Oldham A.F.C.

Oldham A.F.C. also created a quiz game to raise money for their football club. Results? Click above and find out!

Food Assembly

Food Assembly Game, was a scratch card game to publicize the opening of a new market (“assembly”) for foods directly from farmers!


Stagelink Game created to generate awareness for the platform and game did a bit more with %23 higher CTR!

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For us it was ideal, because we could work with it as is. As creatives, it’s great because we don’t need to understand how it works. It just does. All we have to do is set the coupon and then everything is up and running.

Setup MuenchenThe communication agency of Burger King

For brands who want to engage their target audiences, it’s absolutely necessary to create interactive, valuable content. Compared to other forms of content, games are an underutilized but highly effective medium. We see games as a great way to approach issues like lead generation.

Tim GrasmannCEO Concept & Creation at Grasundsterne

Gamewheel’s concept of combining e-commerce marketing with an interactive format like mini-games is truly genius. This is exactly what every major brand needs right now to effectively reach their customers on mobile and social channels.

Ludwig GörtzFounder & Shareholder Görtz