Press release: 1 Million Euro seed round and Gamewheel platform launch

We’re thrilled to make some exciting announcements today: we’ve raised 1 Million Euro seed round to launch and expand our platform and partnered up with the leading publisher of html5 games – Famobi.


Contact sales@gamewheel.com if you’re interested in covering the story or have any further questions about Gamewheel. Here is the full version of the press release:

Gamewheel announces a 1 Million Euro seed round to launch and expand its new online platform for creating native interactive advertising – Pick, Brand, Share! ℠

Berlin, 23 November 2015 – Gamewheel, a Berlin-based Seedcamp portfolio company, has launched its new cloud-based platform which is the simplest way for brands, agencies and publishers to add games and other interactive content to their mobile marketing campaigns. In order to launch and expand the platform into different markets, the company raised a 1 Million Euro seed round led by Crown Ocean Capital and partnered up with the leading publisher of html5 games – Famobi.

After joining Seedcamp in the beginning of the year, the founders of Gamewheel, who previously founded the augmented reality game studio Toywheel, officially launched a new cloud-based tool for creating interactive marketing content. As a first step, the company is offering customizable advertising mini-games and a digital advent calendar to help brands engage with their customers on mobile this holiday season.

Users can select from a library of ready-to-go content templates, add their own branding and integrate the customized content into their marketing campaign to the mobile or social media channel of their choice. Afterwards, they can easily review and analyse their campaign’s performance, all without doing any coding. The games and other interactive content are mobile ready and use browser-based technology that allows them to run on any platform.

Gamewheel has a typical SaaS business model, currently with two plans. The free plan is great for early stage startups and SMEs who need a simple way to make individual marketing campaigns more interactive. With a free account the user receives 1.000 launches for free and can buy additional packages on demand starting with 9.90€ for 1.000 campaign launches. The enterprise plan is more appropriate for agencies and brands that need to create interactive marketing content on a regular basis. Gamewheel also offers custom art production and game design services to complement the self-service online tool.

According to Evgeni Kouris, the Co-Founder and CEO of Gamewheel, “When advertisers can provide consumers with fun, interactive and highly targeted content, everybody wins – consumers have a better ad experience, the advertiser gets higher marketing effectiveness and publishers make more money off their traffic. However, the existing solutions for creating interactive marketing content are not suited for the age of RTB – they’re expensive, require long production cycles and struggle to support dynamic content optimization. Gamewheel addresses this problem in an efficient and affordable way – what real-time-bidding (RTB) did for ad serving, we’re going to do for creative ad creation.”

He proceeds – “We’re also not just focused on marketing – in the long-term, our goal is to build an adaptive content platform, like digital LEGOs™ for interactive content – that empowers creators to leverage the technology in the most effective way and deliver interactive content tailored to brands’ individual goals without a need to code or take care of technology.”

The initial response to Gamewheel has been very positive. Customers like Oracle, Urban Sports and Stagelink Club who ran Facebook mobile campaigns using games created with the tool saw a large increase in ad engagement, leading to a decrease in customer acquisition costs of up to 30%.

The company’s approach has also received strong support from both advertisers and game industry insiders. Today’s partnership announcement with Famobi is highlighted by the founder Ilker Aydin: “Gamewheel is simple, modern and innovative. I love it!”. Famobi and Gamewheel partnered up to bring the simplicity of online ad games creation to a vast network including Famobi’s customers such as SpielAffe.de, Disney and Deutsche Bahn.

To accelerate the Gamewheel’s growth, Gamewheel added two veterans from the SaaS, AdTech and mobile industries to its team. A. Pierre Yurow, who has an extensive track record in the AdTech and mobile industries (co-founded Spectrum Mobile, worked at Omnicom and Cellfire) is heading Gamewheel’s business development and sales. Ian Hannigan, who previously co-founded fluidui.com (SaaS innovator in the mobile app prototyping space), is heading Product and UX Design. Through a partnership with Telekom, Gamewheel has a new sales presence in Berlin Mitte at the Telekom 4010 Shop in Mitte. Stop by if you’d like to learn more about Gamewheel.

About Gamewheel
Gamewheel is the simplest way for brands, agencies and publishers to quickly add games and other interactive content to mobile marketing campaigns. Gamewheel was founded in 2014 by Evgeni Kouris (CEO) and Christian Bittler (CTO), who previously built the augmented reality games studio Toywheel. The founding team has an extensive track record in game development and launching innovative media & tech ventures. Gamewheel is financed by various leading investors, including Seedcamp and Crown Ocean Capital, and has raised seven-digit seed capital to date. The company also has several advisors from the vast Seedcamp network. Gamewheel – Pick, Brand, Share! ℠

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