Our Holistic Gamification Approach

100% focused on achieving your advertising goals via best-in-class gamification & playable ads

It just takes on average 4 min to answer our 10 questions

We have a business-driven approach. In order to create best performing playables we need to understand:
– What is the core objective of your campaign?
– Which KPIs are you interested in?
– Which channels are you focused on?
– What news can we communicate?
and so on. Just provide us with your briefing now. It takes just 1-3 minutes and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We leverage 6 "interrogatives" known from game design

These sounds like 6 simple questions but in order to come with a gamification strategy for a successful campaign strategy we have to deeply understand the media and creative strategy.
We run the complete production from campaign storyboard creation, to alignment with the client to delivery of the creatives, compatible with the desired media channels.

Media strategy questions

Where? When? Who?

Creative strategy questions

What? How? Why?

We ensure your playable ads optimally work on any ad channel

Facebook recently launched their new playable ads format in August. This means that in addition to natively embedding playable ads into your apps, websites and banners, your clients can now play them directly in the Facebook/Instagram timeline. With playables, you can gamify the way you communicate with your clients and enable your apps/games to be previewed before install.

Leverage our unique playable editor for creative optimization

The work doesn’t end after launching campaigns – the true hard work starts afterwards. In our experience it requires creating dozens of iterations and versions of creatives in order to hit your desired KPIs. In order to simplify this work, we have created playable editor that accompanies each of your playable ad campaigns.

Amazingly Simple Use

You don't have to understand anything about coding or game design to create unlimited playable iterations

Direct export

Simply export MRAID2 ad tags compatible with RTB / Google UAC or upload ads to Facebook for each iteration

Managed service

We also provide a managed services for creative optimization - so don't worry if you lack resources!

With our smart PlayableKit library we unify data reporting across all your campaigns

In our experience it is vital to allow cross-campaign/playable reporting analysis to accelerate learning. In order to achieve this, we have developed a PlayableKit library, that allows us to unify data reporting across all game developers and production pipelines we work with.

Are you a game developer or studio?

Drop us an email to join@gamewheel.com our game developer and partner network. Check out playablekit.com for more information about our toolkit & SDK. Feel free to suggest changes at any time.

Leverage playable ads across all media channels with us

We do also offer managed service for creative optimization and playable media buying

Owned playable media

Add Gamewheel playable to any of your existing online/mobile channels. Through the newest web standards it works on any device!

Earned playable media

Playables is the most lean-forward and interactive medium. You can add leaderboards, competitions and gamify your campaigns to maximize virality.

Paid playable media

Playable ad format is supported by over 95% of inventory that supports video ads. “Sky is the limit” to scale your campaigns with Google UAC, RTB, Facebook media

What Our Clients Say

Trusted by most forward-thinking brands & game publishers

For us it was ideal, because we could work with it as is. As creatives, it’s great because we don’t need to understand how it works. It just does. All we have to do is set the coupon and then everything is up and running.

Setup MuenchenThe communication agency of Burger King

For brands who want to engage their target audiences, it’s absolutely necessary to create interactive, valuable content. Compared to other forms of content, games are an underutilized but highly effective medium. We see games as a great way to approach issues like lead generation.

Tim GrasmannCEO Concept & Creation at Grasundsterne

Gamewheel’s concept of combining e-commerce marketing with an interactive format like mini-games is truly genius. This is exactly what every major brand needs right now to effectively reach their customers on mobile and social channels.

Ludwig GörtzFounder & Shareholder Görtz

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