Our TOA Conference 2016 experience

Gamewheel at TOA Conference 2016

TOA Conference 2016 took place from the 13th to 15th of July in FunkHaus Berlin. More than 11.000 people (source) visited the venue to attend the events, took part on the discussions and met new people and advanced technologies. Innovation, creativity, fun and the very latest technological news, created the inspiring environment of TOA16.

Gamewheel, as a pioneer of the gaming industry could not be away! Our stand was welcoming guests at the main entrance of TOA16, exhibiting all the amazing tools that our company is using on the market.

Visitors had the chance to play our avant garde AR game “Toycar RC” that has hit the top in downloads for android and ios. It is an AR (augmented reality) game especially designed for kids that allows them play in between reality and the game’s environment through their tablet.

In addition, visitors enjoyed our VR Pong game. A customizable VR (virtual reality) game that offers the possibility of being fully branded- a definite marketing innovation product for the Adgaming market. By visiting a website the player could play through his mobile phone a VR game against the platform or against another player using our Gamewheel VR glasses.

Playing VR Game at TOA16

Last but not least, the visitors could check our gaming platform and familiarize with the 5-minute- game creation that we are offering.  They could see real examples of our past successful projects, like Burger King and find out more about how to improve their online marketing campaigns in the most exciting and fun ways, gain more interaction and brand awareness with their customers and profit for their business.

Gamewheel welcomed more than 2.000 guests on the stand during TOA16 days, and explained all possible ways of creative and fun advertising through our Gamewheel AR, VR and online gaming products and platform! The future of creative advertising is here and we are happy to share our valuable experience in online Adgames, VR games and AR games.

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