Instant Games on Facebook Messenger

Let’s chat about instant games today!

Ready Player One

If you know the book, you just smiled. If you did not know the book, you should.

Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is one of our company’s “holly book”. It gives the glimpse of a very near future and show us that gaming can change the world.

Now, that near future is arriving. We have VR and AR, so called as “The Last Medium” by Chris Milk.

And we have games in Facebook Messenger by this week.


We said before; “Playing games is a serious business”, and apparently things getting more and more serious.

Instant games

By the announcement of Facebook Instant Games, HTML games will be shifting gear up, so welcome to our world!

This announcement means a lot for us, a lot for our product. It opens the door for us to embed our gamified mobile ad games inside messenger, and we can say that in very near future all the other social media channels will join up.

We will see what future will bring up but it is clear that gaming is taking a whole important new role in marketing area.

So player 1, are you ready to play games with your friends in WhatsApp groups? Because we and our brands are!

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