Gamewheel at InnoSpring Technology Innovation Event

Innospring is one of the strongest and most powerful incubators for start-ups in China. The company has experienced more than 6.000 cases of innovation startups around the globe. Among the 300 startups introduced or incubated by InnoSpring, 30 of them are national key projects, and 4 of them are companies who have already been listed abroad.  

Evgeni Pitching

Evgeni Kouris- CEO Gamewheel

We are extremely proud that our CEO, Evgeni Kouris was invited to present Gamewheel identity and success stories on innoX section5 event, on July the 2nd in Shanghai. InnoX is initiated by  InnoSpring, and works closely with partners to carry out scientific and technological innovation. This was the theme of the Event organized, which included among other activities, keynote speeches and presentations of innovative ideas and inspirations, quality projects from startup pioneers from overseas.

After the warm welcoming of the Jiaming District Science and Technology commission and committee members, speakers had the chance to meet strong players who are considered great assets of the technology and innovation sectors of China. Follow the link of the event in Chinese here.

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