Gamewheel Launches New Features

We’re constantly trying to improve our product and services here at Gamewheel. Today, we’re pleased to announce five new and exciting features in the area of content editing and campaign setup which lots of users have requested in our last questionnaire. These features will make using Gamewheel an even smoother and more customizable experience.

1. Image Editor

Some of the new features include an Image Editor that would allow you to use your own custom action buttons– creating a more brand-focused gamified ad.

The Image Editor has new features like “turn key color on and off”. It also allows you to create a completely new graphical assets with multiple layers, custom text and other comfortable features. Just experiment with the buttons in the menu of the editor to understand it’s new power.


2. Lead Form

Collecting user data at the end of a game is a more interactive way of generating new leads. We’ve seen some remarkable lead generation results when coupled with our gamified ad platform. To make data collection a seamless element of the gaming experience, we’ve added a “Lead Form” option. This will allow you to add a sign up form at the end of a game. This simple option can increase lead generation by up to 200%.


3. Buttons

You can now increase the engagement and virality of your campaign with the switch of a button. Our Play, Facebook Share and Reply buttons can be easily switched on or off to  better suit your campaign design and needs. Now, also all buttons assets can be simply changed through the new image editor from within the Gamewheel wizard, meaning that you now have a full flexibility to change all assets of the game tempalte in a few clicks.


4. Facebook Tracking ID

We’ve now included the Facebook Tracking ID option, which allows you to capture the analytics and general performance of your game from Facebook. This option provides an overview of your Gamewheel campaign results within the Facebook ad dashboard, which means that you can follow all of your ads developments in one place.


5. URL Masking

Finally, with URL Masking, you can customize the URL of your game, to once again reflect your brand or any intended product affiliations. This feature is geared at capturing audiences that might be deterred from clicking on third-party links (even if those links are generated by the undeniably awesome Gamewheel) and for you to prominently display your brand via URL.


We’ve also created some informative and in-depth tutorials on embedding games and creating Facebook campaigns to help assist you on your path to increasing ad performance via gamification.

Gamehweel just keeps getting better and even easier to use. Please leave any feedback or suggestions you have about Gamewheel features from here. We love hearing about ways we can improve our product.

We still have over 40 other improvements for more comfortable game creation up our sleeves and we’re working on many new amazing game templates for you! So Stay tuned! Never miss out again on any of our latest news follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.

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