Gamewheel at gamescom congress

“The reality is too mainstream. Get augmented!” – Gamewheel’s CEO Evgeni Kouris at gamescom Congress in Cologne.

Gamescom Congress is Germany’s biggest convention on digital games. The congress acts as a bridge between other cultural and creative branches with digital economy. Representatives of the economy, science, society, politics, culture and of course the games industry will devote themselves to a number of the most varied questions in five focus areas: Knowledge –Business- APITS- Legal- Life.

Under the scope of APITS, a huge conversation will be focusing on the “Computer Games as a multifunctional tool” so Gamewheel could not miss the opportunity to present its online gaming platform that serves as a SaaS tool with multifaceted implications. Gamescom congress offers the possibility to the attendee’s like Gamewheel to share various benefits to the participants in an exciting exchange of current questions surrounding the games and digital industries concerning society as a whole.

Gamewheel CEO, Evgeni Kouris, knows well that the dynamics of the gaming industry have changed significantly over the past few years due to the arrival of new technologies . In addition to that the era of social and mobile advertising offered great opportunities to the world of marketing. Gaming is now considered as a very powerful tool as it offers impressive brand engagement with its audience and this is something that marketers can no longer ignore. The analytics send a clear message: time spent in playing games is growing fast at an unprecedented rate.

Gamewheel is going to take part in the conversation focusing mainly on Augmented Reality. In August 18, at 14.45 time in APITS area (3) the main topic of Gamewheel’s presentation would be “The Future is Augmented”. Through company’s experienced eyes participants will listen to the latest technologies applied in the gaming industry in relation to Augmented Reality and discover the numerous possibilities of successful implications of this trend in the advertising industry. The main focus of this congress section is the multifunction of computer games as a useful tool to the market today.

Since the impressive entrance into the market of Augmented Reality (AR) applications and especially after the amazing effect that Pokemon Go AR game had globally, there are a lot of important things to discuss and many opportunities in the gaming industry that arise. Our CEO Evgenis Kouris has already gained a considerable experience in AR games since Toywheel, a brother company of Gamewheel which had long before launched the “Toy Car”, an AR game for kids.

Based on recent research studies, the future is going to be really interesting for the mobile and AR/VR (augmented and virtual reality) advertising market. There is a clear estimation that by 2020 the impressive 10% of the total advertising budget spent will be deposited to the AR/VR advertising sector. Predictions show a clear possibility of 12bn dollars driven to creative AR/VR advertising products, so there is no doubt that game ad platforms and AR/VR platforms are the next big thing in the market.

The gamescom congress is a great opportunity for influencers and decision makers to discuss, promote and stimulate the necessary exchange of ideas and controversial discussions in both local and international contexts.

Gamewheel is happy to welcome you there and invites you to join the conversation about “The Augmented Future” in the gaming industry.

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