We are a one-stop-shop for seriously playful marketing campaigns! Leverage our expertise in gamification, playable ads production and programmatic media to hit your KPIs. We have proven the ability to convert any of your business goals (in any industry, function to business type, external as well as internal communication) into a gamified story campaign and deliver, track and optimize the branded content without knowledge of game development or coding thanks to our own PlayableKit ™ technology.
Our content platform ensures that any content is lightweight, dynamically editable and measurable on any marketing channels incl. RTB and Facebook Playables. Proven Gamewheel campaign/content templates allow creatives and marketers from brands and agencies to create content without any coding and design need, but with high degree of reusability. All games are html5/JavaScript-based and In-Ad, In-App and Social Media ready. Each story contains one or several gamified (from 2D/3D to AR/VR) content elements and can be delivered to any media channel.
Clients such as Burger King, Paramount or Oracle use us to enhance user engagement and boost performance.
And the results are always more than the brief asked for!
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