A Mixed-Reality Game Experience for Burger King: Halloween Game!


Trick or Treat?

Our latest  campaign of Burger King for Halloween 2016 is just released! Believe us it is scary, spicy and yummy! To play the game is simple, but the whole experience is unique. You can find the game within Burger King app and start playing it by downloading the Burger King app here.

The challenge: Burger King released three special Halloween Whopper editions. We had to create a gamified story-lined mobile campaign to engage with target audience, increase sales and generate leads. In addition, the campaign had to be linked with social media influencers that would offer some hints for the game.  Special discount coupons and a mind blowing secret event had also to be part of the creative gamified content. Tough brief, but one of a kind “mixed-reality game experience” by Gamewheel SaaS tool and gamification platform!

Well, if you really want to know the way, keep reading, as we are definitely going to make you say…Whoohh!


The game: Burger King Halloween game is a classic skill, in-app game and is based on three easy steps that the player should follow: Scan –Play- Win. Three different game scenarios with different challenges and mechanics are applied on the game.  The player controls a mummy who must collect as many coins as possible and finally reach the exit to the next Burger King restaurant. Each of the 3 levels are set in different environments: “Underworld”, “Red Forest of Horror” and “Black Haunted House”.


Scan: Every Whopper comes with a unique QR code that the player can scan in Burger King app to start the “Halloween Let’s Play” game.


Play: The levels must be played in sequence, starting with the Entry Level and then moving onto the Red and Black.

Win: Players of all levels win discount coupons for Burger King products. In addition, after the completion of Burger King’s special form they can win 1 out of 50 double tickets for a secret event that takes place on October 29th.  The concept of the event will combine elements of the game in 4D and will be a lifetime experience for the 50  people that are lucky enough to receive a double invitation.


Bonus Ember- codes: In order to trigger more excitement about the Halloween in-app game, 1000 magic ember-codes have been created that when scanned, will immediately unlock all levels of the game. These ember-codes will be distributed via key persons hidden in secret locations in Berlin, München, Köln, Hamburg, Leipzig, Wiesbaden and Hannover. So keep your eyes open and spot these hidden treasures that can be scanned and used up to 100 times!

So, are you ready to #GamifyYourself in this Halloween Burger King Game?

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