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Gamewheel is more than just a product, it’s a new way of advertising.

Choose your game according to your KPI and create it in a minute.

You can choose a game easily without any coding for your KPIs such as:
– Lead generation
– More website traffic
– Collecting user data
– Increase the conversion of your CTA
and so on. You can create your game only with few clicks. Now you can try Gamewheel for free without your credit card. Let’s spend 5 minutes for your current ad campaigns, and see the results.

Fully customizable format that lets you put your spin on gamified ads.

Customize your game to reflect your style and brand identity with personalized logos, color schemes, images and gifs. Show your audience your playful side and increase engagement time and rates.

Custom Game Scenarios

Choose your game scenario and decide to your metrics

Tons of Elements

Use game template assets or replace heroes and game content with your branding

As easy as sharing a photo!

With your gamified ad all set, you can now launch it along any of your online and social media ad campaigns. Just copy and paste the link to your mobile ad and wait for the magic to happen.

Watch as your game becomes a viral hit.

The fun doesn’t end after creating your game. You can now see it grow and track its performance with Gamewheel’s analytics (dashboard). The insights will keep you on top of your metrics and in full control of your budget. With Gamewheel, you can do more.

Amazingly Simple Use

You don't have to integrate extra analytics solutions for your ad games. Gamewheel amazingly simple to use.

Clear Analytics

Gamewheel provides clear analytics dashboard for following useful metrics.

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We’re here for you at Gamewheel. Have a question? Just shoot us a message or give us a call. We love to help. And as much as we love gaming, you will alway come first.

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Need some major support for your soon-to-be mega viral campaign? We also have enterprise packages that will make Gamewheel more than worth your while.

Creating your ad game is as simple as sharing a picture.

We have popular game styles appealing to every audience.

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Check Our Customer Stories

Read the case studies of our customers and see how Gamewheel boosted their campaigns

Burger King

Burger King used Gamewheel’s platform to create the #AngriesWhopper game. With a burger so intensely loaded with fiery jalapeños, the only logical game was one that reflected the heat that went into making it!


Paramount, used Gamewheel’s self service SaaS platform for promoting Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse’s DVD and Blu-ray release.


Gamewheel created a stacking game for Oracle. The company used the game to promote an event about its cloud services.

What our users are saying

Find out why our users keep using Gamewheel

For us it was ideal, because we could work with it as is. As creatives, it’s great because we don’t need to understand how it works. It just does. All we have to do is set the coupon and then everything is up and running.

Setup MuenchenThe communication agency of Burger King

For brands who want to engage their target audiences, it’s absolutely necessary to create interactive, valuable content. Compared to other forms of content, games are an underutilized but highly effective medium. We see games as a great way to approach issues like lead generation.

Tim GrasmannCEO Concept & Creation at Grasundsterne

Gamewheel’s concept of combining e-commerce marketing with an interactive format like mini-games is truly genius. This is exactly what every major brand needs right now to effectively reach their customers on mobile and social channels.

Ludwig GörtzFounder & Shareholder Görtz