We’re proud to have helped BURGER KING© with four Playable ad campaigns in 2016 and to continue the success story in 2017. Read the detailed case study at: 

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We provide all your Playable ads templates in a comfortable interface

Duplicate an existing Playable ad or create a new Playable ad or Gamified banner campaign easily without any coding based on templates in your account for any KPIs:
– Increase CPI retention
– Lead generation
– More website traffic
– Collecting user data
– Increase the conversion of your CTA
and so on.

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Customize Playable ad campaign to reflect your style and brand identity with personalized logos, color schemes, images and gifs. Show your audience your playful side and increase engagement time and rates.

Several creation wizards

From custom Playable ad to simple banner ad - we have it all in one tool

Many editing options

Most typical edits can be easily done directly through the SaaS interface

In any owned, paid or earned media

We provide you wrappers and connectors to any channel from organic in-App to paid Interstitial ad to Facebook social media campaign. Lots of connectors like URL, iFrame and MRAID/VPAID ad tags are available directly through the tool.

Watch as your Playable ad becomes a viral hit.

You can track all core Playable ad events, connect any core event to you tracking tools to optimally report end-to-end campaign performance, but also to programmatically optimize your trading with unique game data.

Ready made reports

You don't have to integrate extra analytics solutions for your ad games. Gamewheel amazingly simple to use.

Unique data source

Additional metrics and events allow to optimize your programmatic media trading

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Playable ads - Success stories

Read the case studies of our customers and see how Gamewheel boosted their campaigns

Burger King

BURGER KING used Gamewheel to create the #AngriesWhopper Playable ad. The ad run inside of owned media in-app and in social media and generated over 1.000.000 game plays in Germany alone organically reaching over 25% of mobile audience.


Paramount, leveraged Gamewheel’s Playable ads in paid interstitial ads to promote Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse’s DVD and Blu-ray release. The ad increased the CTR by +35%, boosted time on ad by factor 8 to 3+ sec on average and lifted sales.


ORACLE leveraged Gamewheel’s Playable ads in organic and earned social media to promote an event about its cloud services. The custom isometric stacker game was certainly a big hit and generated lots of buzz on Twitter!